Friday 21st May

We have arrived at the boat and she is looking lovely. I have such a soft spot for her. We have been doing show around Nottingham/Derby area and I feel like I am getting to know the M1 pretty intimately. Both shows are going down a treat and we are getting some amazing audience responses; we must be doing something right. Looking forward to getting moving on the boat, I am pretty expert at crashing it into things. Mostly trees. 

I am also currently growing some courgettes, peppers and bee friendly plants on the boat. This is my first ever attempt at anything horticultural so anything could happen. If i even get one courgette I will be ecstatic. So far one plant has got a flower on it, and I have been told this is a good sign so keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Off to a lovely sounding place called Fillongley this evening, hopefully the weather will be kind to us.